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Project Description
ULS Studio is a SharePoint log-file browser & monitor. It's powered by SQLite and driven by an intuitive GUI designed help find problems quickly.

ULS Studio is principally designed for one thing – "finding the needle in the haystack", or in real terms, getting to the important information quickly in a mountain of logging data. How?

The first binary release for the desktop version is available, now with stability fixes & tweaks based on user-feedback.


Here’s three reasons you should try it.

1. Streamlined Data Filtering
  • Filtering log data is done with SQL– no more awkward dialogue boxes to navigate to set WHERE clauses, just one box with plain old SQL. You can add clauses automatically via the GUI or write your own.
  • Browser-style filter navigation. Set a new query and jump back & fourth in the filter history just like a web-browser.
  • WHERE clauses added and removed at a click of a button or right-click in a row column.

2. Enhanced Data Visualisation
  • Colour-coding for critical message visibility and highlighting (customisable).
  • Nicely formatted stack-traces for errors.
  • It’s powered by SQL – if you don’t want to see something, don’t SELECT it.

3. Better Health & Logging Statistics
  • Error/info statistics are shown immediately to give a feel for overall health of the environment in question. Toggle these messages with a single click to hide/show entries of that type.
  • Query & data statistics are constantly shown and updated.
  • Specific problems can be easily tested for by executing known SELECT queries directly against new ULS logs.

Quite simply, if you have several gigabytes of ULS data and you need to find 2-3 errors within it somewhere, ULS Studio is your quickest ticket to get there.

Other Features
  • Live farm monitoring in real-time.
  • Save queries to quickly test for known problems (no UPA service started on farm):
select time_stamp, process, thread_id, product, category, event_id, level, message, correlation, source, id from log where level != 'Information' and level != 'Verbose' and (event_id = '72ae' or event_id = '8077')
  • Grid-searching to complement filter.
  • Drag & drop.
  • Multi-instance for comparing x2 sets of ULS data.
  • Quick-queries for instant views on critical data.
  • It’s open-source - contributors are welcome!

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